Open Carry: The Wild Wild West or Sensible Precaution?

After finding out that there's actually no law against carrying gun openly, Kevin Jensen decided to make it part of his every day fashion - and to his surprise, no one bats an eye!

Here's the story of Open Carry, a movement whose mission is to promote carrying gun in public:

The Jensens are part of a fledgling movement to make a firearm as common an accessory as an iPod. Called "open carry" by its supporters, the movement has attracted grandparents, graduate students and lifelong gun enthusiasts like the Jensens.

"What we're trying to say is, 'Hey, we're normal people who carry guns,' " said Travis Deveraux, 36, of West Valley, a Salt Lake City suburb. Deveraux works for a credit card company and sometimes walks around town wearing a cowboy hat and packing a pistol in plain sight. "We want the public to understand it's not just cops who can carry guns."

Nicholas Riccardi of the Los Angeles Times has the story: Link

(Photo: George Frey / LA Times)

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If there is such a huge risk of open carriers getting their gun snatched away from them by somebody sneaking up on them, why does every uniformed police officer in this country openly carry his or her weapon instead of carrying it concealed???
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i just read thru the rest of the comments and am disheartened to see so many anti-gunners. very saddening to read the negative comments.

some say the national guard is the militia the founding fathers were talking about, however the national guard wasnt created until roughly 100 years after the 2nd amendment. They meant every able bodied male was expected to keep arms and be proficient in case he was called up to protect his country from foreign or domestic enemies ie. a tyranical govt. which over extends its authorities and imposes its will on the states and citizens (sound familiar?)

to put how important the right to bear arms is, Stalin, hitler, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Musselini & Amin all created or enforced draconian gun control and registration to disarm a population prior to a genocidal campaign. Think it cant happen in the USA?

I just dont understand how a father or mother fall asleep at nite knowing they are incapable of defending their children from an armed home invader. A typical scenario is the calvary arrives in about 14 minutes, gets an ambulance for the lucky escapees and some some body bags for the unlucky one. The cops get statements from some of the neighbors to see if anyone saw anything and they file their report and investigate it. Life goes (well not for everyone unfortunately)

forget gun control, just enforce criminal control. leave law abiding gun owners alone. when some whack job open fires in a gun free school or mall, youre going to go hide under a table and cross your fingers that an armed civilian is present who can defend you until the police get there. my advice is you too should be one of the good citizens prepared to responsably defend yourself with a firearm.
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glad to see the topic is so popular.

God bless this man for being a responsable adult exercise and remind people of the 2nd amendment right which is almost dead in this country.

basically, w/o the 2nd amendment, every other right will disappear b/c once are defenseless and not getting them back.

i personally love to see guns on good people, it desensitizes the liberal and victimhood embracers to the fact that honest citizens like guns, love self defense and cherish liberty.

id like anti-gunners to stop blaming gun owners if thru no undue neglect of their own, criminals or thugs steal their weapons. Anti-gunners can condone the criminal behavior and condemn the gun as if it had a mind of its own to be a violent weapon. That bewilders me.

recently i read a few articles about OK corral and wild west & learned that their murder rate wasnt much different from chicago or new york.

The difference being that in the wild west, both good and bad guys had guns & were on even playing fields in a shoot out.

In modern cities with draconian gun laws, the good guys are forbidden to have guns while the bad guys have access to all sorts of firearms thus having a gigantic advantage over the honest citizen.

gun control is for controlling people to be subjects and perenial infants of the govt. In their eyes, were too immature to take responsability for our own actions and not trusted or allowed to act in our own self defense.

when are life is in urgent peril or our childrens life, how are we supposed to protect ourselves from armed gunmen for the 14 plus minutes which is the avg. 911 response time?

911 and police are fine as a back up plan but every citizen should be able to protect themselves as the first line of defense.

keep in mind, its better to have a gun and not need it than need one and not have it. Criminals, rapists, burglars, kidnappers, murderers and serial killers rarely if ever make an appointment.

be prepared
yeah 2nd amendment
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Sorry if you feel your rights to feeling safe are being infringed but if you don't agree with it, YOU are the one that is living in the wrong country according to the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution (the ultimate authority in the US).

You know, feel free to move to my state (New Jersey) where the murder rate is far higher than Vermont even though we have the most strict gun laws along with CA.

You know whats funny? When the laws get as strict as they are here.. you start to feel like the only ones who have the right to effective self defense are the criminals (who don't obey your pieces of paper anyway).

Some of you people really make me ashamed. You call yourself civilized, I call you delusional.
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Good point C-dub. But, it has been estimated that 2 million crimes are stopped every year by civilians owning guns. I have seen the number vary greatly (Anywhere from 500k to 2 million). But, in countries where arms are permited or FORCED Crime rate is way lower. Switzerland forces eery male enlist in the militia. He gets a fully automatic weapon and is trained to use it. Is it the wild west? (The wild west's crime rate was lower then most cities in the USA) The answer is no. Other countries have very high gun to people ratio (Norway) and have very small crime rates. I have seen stats very about what causes crime; but their is a very clear line that gun control raises violence. States like Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Virginia, Idaho all have open carry and are ranked in the top 15 safest places to live. States like Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee do not. And they are ranked in the top 15 most dangerous. If the 2nd amendment is ever erased it will be a revolution. And I will most certainly be taking part.
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