The Death Star of Cat Litter Boxes

Having three cats means living with three sets of cat poo, sometimes more when the kitties go twice a day. So soniaz of Unplggd blog decided to get the Litter Robot, the Death Star of self-cleaning litter boxes. Here's what she has to say about it:

We have to say it was impressive how much it diminished the smell. We used to dread coming home after a few hours away because, if someone pooped, we’d know just by walking into the building – not even into our apartment. Now, with the Litter Robot, we weren’t sure if anyone had went until we checked the drawer.

While the lack of smell was a major plus, the noise wasn’t. We couldn’t keep this sucker on at night since when it went through its cycle it would wake us up. This won’t be a problem for those of you living in larger apartments, or houses. The noise is pretty minimal, but when your bed is 10 feet away it’s hard not to wake up, and like your cats, think the sky is falling.

The cats luckily got pretty used to the whole thing and went in and out without a hitch – well, most of them did. One kitty (Dim Sum!) wasn’t too into putting her entire behind into the Litter Robot. While the LR is huge, its actual pooping area is rather small – 14 inches across with the max amount of litter inside. Dim Sum, the calico, had a tendency of going in just enough (or not enough) to get her pooper inside. The result: finding little presents on the trigger step. Not sure if this is the Litter Robot’s fault or my r-tard cat’s fault.


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We got one of these. It's pretty freakin' awesome. However, our cat had the same issue, except she #2'd in the back of the "box" and #1'd out the front door.
It's just not quite big enough for her liking, so it's sitting in our outdoor closet.
Anyone interested?
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otterly - feline pine is great, unless your cat finds it as appealing as pooping in the woods and does his business right outside the box.
i can say that you go through much less litter that way, though.
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Hehe, it is somewhat reminiscent of the Death Star. I may have to do a post on fancy smancy cat litter boxes on my pet blog sometime. Thanks for the idea. :)
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