The Real Truth About the Alien in the Window

So, I'm sure you've all seen grainy video of the peeping Alien in the window, shot by Stan Romanek, a Colorado resident who claimed to have been abducted like 100 times by aliens. A ballot is now being sponsored by Jeff Packman to create an "Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission" in Denver (and here I thought that we already did that with Majestic 12 !) Link

What they didn't show was who popped up after the alien ... Say hello to the Neatoramanaut!

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I'll hold my judgement on this one -- odds are, there's intelligent life out there. Odds are about equally good that they probably didn't fly 10 billion miles to play peeping tom.
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The video going around is not the video shown at the press conference; it was a deliberate fake created the night before by skeptics in the area to show how easy it would be to create such a thing quickly and cheaply (they did it for $90 in 4-5 hrs).

As you can see, it doesn't match the screenshot from the actual video (which wasn't allowed to be taped), but amusingly it's pretty close.
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Seancollier...that is hilarious...I actually remember being a kid and seeing that, actually mirrors the guys video perfectly, hahaha! What's funnier to me is that you actually had that link for some reason, lololol!
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