Stone-Age Men Killed For Their Women

If you think dating is hard today, it's nothing compared to 7,000 years ago: stone-age men "hunt" for women, and will kill for them:

Many archaeologists have argued that women have long motivated cycles of violence and blood feuds throughout history but there has really been no solid archaeological evidence to support this view.

Now a relatively new method has been used to work out the origins of the victims tossed into a mass grave of skeletons, and so distinguish one tribe from another, revealing that neighbouring tribes were prepared to kill their male rivals to secure their women some 7000 years ago.


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Cuimnhe, please don't put words in my mouth. This article says "they fought over women". It could have said "they fought over money", and you could just as easily say, "it's not the money; it's their desire for money".

All I suggested was if they can guess that prehistoric men had their Helen of Troy, then possibly that Helen was consious of her power, and used it to her advantage. It happens today all the time.

Has absolutely nothing to do with rape, as you seem to imply.
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There seems to be a vertiginous leap between the facts and the conclusion. Yes, women were often taken during raids since time immemorial -- to be raped, married, enslaved, or held hostage -- as part of the spoils of war, taken along with other items of value in the attacked village, town, or whatever.

It does not necessarily follow that "Stone Age Men Killed for their Women" as if this were the standard way of acquiring a mate. This is either sloppy journalism (not on Neatorama's part) or sloppy science.
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