Sex and the City

Sex and the City was an HBO series for six seasons and now a theatrical feature film. Today’s lunchtime quiz at mental_floss asks how well you know the world of Sex and the City. I didn’t take the quiz because I’ve never had HBO.

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Well,I am a girl from China who has just been through with the six seasons of Sex and the City.I cannot help but wonder that whether that kind of woman really exist in NY and NY is really so sexy as told in the series?
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I am so sick of seeing Sally Jessica Parkers hideous mug everywhere I turn. She is as ugly as a bucket of fish guts and the idea that this big nosed gotch eyed old gank is some sort of sex goddess is revolting. The hype over this inane show is obviously artificial. I'd rather stare at the wall than watch that dreck.
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It's hilarious that so many women "identify" with gay men who have been turned into women - that's what "Sex and the City" is - really tacky Chelsea gay men turned into women characters. kewl, sooper dooper kewl.
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"Sex and the City "

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