Grieving Man Climbed into Morgue Freezer to Die with Girlfriend

This is weird, but in a sad way: a man grieving over the death of his girlfriend tried to kill himself by climbing into a morgue freezer to be with her!

The 41-year-old man was discovered on Monday when workers detected an unusually high temperature in the freezer and realized the hatch was not securely fastened.

"A morgue manager opened the hatch, saw two people lying inside, felt scared enough to yell out and then even cried," the Liberty Times reported. "She didn't stabilize for a long time."

Link (Photo: Stringer/Reuters)

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I feel like the individual grieving went a little overboard. It is lovely that he is depressed over his loss, yes, I understand that you love her. But killing yourself, in the same freezer that she is in is a little bit morbid.

Imagine, what he was thinking inside that first...crying...telling his love that he will be with her soon, then, starting to realize its cold...then, perhpas even starting to regret his decision to freeze himself.

Honestly...freezing yourself...thats a strange strange idea...If he really wanted to die, he could have been a bit more inventive. Maybe, kill himself in the same spot his girlie died, in case if her "soul" is restless in that area.. (if you believe in that stuff)

Either way...his decision is a little extreme, over the top. Theres a lot of people that lose there lover, friends, family...he isnt alone...and shouldnt have tried to kill himself over it. Its horrible yes...but go and get help, its a better alternative and at least you can have your life, because in the long run...what is the sole reason for life....

to have it and sustain it.

The man is lucky someone found him and he should thank the woman who found him.
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