Britain's got Talent: Michael Jackson meets Bhangra

They came, they saw, they were pretty cool, all things considered.

An Asian act called "Signature" made a splash on the UK's performing talent cousin of American-idol show Britain's Got Talent. Signature really brought their initial performance to bear. OK, it was a bit cliche and we've seen the same sort of thing done a dozen times over the past 20 years. Adding the UK urban-Asian element of Bhangra to what could have been standard Michael Jackson fare is what put them over the top.

Simon Cowell asked the right question at the end of their very well received first performance: can you pull it off again the next time? I think you'll agree that they did - once again wielding the Bhangra as their weapon of choice.

Here's the first performance:

And here they are on a subsequent show:

What do you think? Can they bring it a third time? What should they do next?

[YouTube videos 1 & 2 via the Sepia Mutiny Blog]

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1st was freaking awesome. But would've expected more than that in the second one. But lets look out for the third one, then we can comment on the second
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Jessa - "Argh, I couldn’t SEE how they were dancing, they showed more of the audience and the guys in the wings!"

Exactly what I was thinking. I can't stand crowd reaction shots at all, and they showed more of that crap that the actual show itself. How lame.
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Oh come on guys, the act is different and genuinely enjoyable and frenetic. They are rehashing slightly from the brilliant surprise of the first but given the right staging and choreography they could actually make it.

The semis on BGT are supposed to just reinforce the judges' belief in the acts so doing it bigger for the moment is enough. You don't want to waste all your ideas on competition heats do you?

I think the third has to be no MJ though.

Hmmm, first post on Neatorama and I didn't think it would be BGT....!
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I think they've just done pretty much the exact same thing twice.
Michael Jackson music, a guy starts moonwalking and generally MJing it up, then another guy in a turban comes on from somewhere unexpected, starts dancing in a bhangra style, they dance fight for a bit then they both do a sort of MJ bhangra fusion before ending with a jump into splits.
Also I have no idea why Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan are on there. They have no idea... they put through a guy on a keyboard playing the Star Wars theme (from sheet music) COMPLETELY out of key! It was possibly the worst thing on TV ever.
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