The Universe in Powers of Ten

In this '70s video clip by the office of Charles and Ray Eames for IBM, you can see the relative size of things in the universe. The clip starts with a view of a couple on a picnic, then the camera zooms out by a factor of ten farther. Every ten seconds, the view expands by a power of ten... Then it zooms back down, also in a power of ten, down to the quantum level ...

This kind of video reminds me of The Galaxy Song by The Monty Pythons [Youtube].

Hit play or follow the link to the Youtube source to watch the short film: Link - via Nerdcore

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This video emphasises how ridiculous homeopathy is.
40C is a fairly common level of dilution for a homeopathic remedy. Have a look at about 2:55 at 10 million, million meters. Take a portion of the active ingredient the size of a grain of rice and place it in a sphere of water the size of the entire solar system. That's actually more concentrated than 40C.
The crazy thing is that homeopathy users believe that the more dilute the remedy, the more potent it is!
Homeopathic remedies can reach dilutions of up to 1500C. To understand how dilute 1500C is (and I quote from a website: "CRUSH up a piece of rice. Take one GRANULE. Drop it in a sphere of water the size of the solar system... repeat that 2 million times."
1500C must be powerful stuff!
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Wow, this is interesting. I just saw this video in science class last Friday. And the video was rather interesting, however the teacher made us write what we saw every ten seconds and we couldn't see the great video. I thank you for putting it up, I finally get to see it!
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