The Real Reason Why Young People Don't Like Math

Add this to the pile of excuses why young people loathe to study math: they think that mathematicians are slovenly and unpopular with women!

The research suggested that most students and graduates associate a mathematician with an old middle-class white man who is obsessed by his science, devoid of most social skills and love life. Besides, their notion of mathematics is distorted and restricted to elementary arithmetic.

The researchers found that most stereotypes reflect the way mathematicians and mathematics are represented in mass culture.

“Given this narrow and negative stereotype of a mathematician, it’s no wonder that few youths want go on studying this subject,” said Mendick.

Link - via J-Walk Blog | By the way, the photo is of Russian math whiz and recluse Grigori Perelman who actually turned down the Fields Medal (the math equivalent of the Nobel Prize)

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Math was my favorite subject in school. I never understood everyone else's gripe with it. It was fun and reliable, stable and I loved it. It was my first homework I did every night. I found it easy so I guess that's why I liked it. Just wanted to add my 2 cents.
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I hate maths..its all irritating n disgusting....especially algebric expressions n equations...i cant understand all dat...
Can u give a specific reason of loving maths....its all boring...ah !!!!!!!!
I dont hate love stories BUT I hate MATHS...but i can say dat sumtimes its quite easy.....every1 has an own choice n i really respect for best regards,
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I agree math is communist. Math turns you gay if you get to involved with certain problems then you will see changes rapid changes to be exact. Hoy Hoy HOY GOOD CALL JACK SPARROW WHO DRANK ME RUM.
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Math is not about numbers, formulas, etc. it is about problem solving, critical thinking and opinion development. I find it sad that it is not emphasized and promoted more in early years of education as it would provide a solid foundation to future intellectuals and free-thinkers...
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