"Sexpresso" Stand Got Local Businesses All Hot and Bothered

Bill Wheeler of Grab 'N' Go Espresso hit on a winning formula for competing against Starbucks: make the baristas as stimulating as the coffee!

Espresso drive-through stands with bikini- and lingerie-sporting baristas are popping up from Monroe to Edmonds. In the past year, at least six of these java joints employing provocatively dressed young women have opened in the county.

A few owners of these roadside stands say business is so brisk, they're hiring more employees and have plans to open new locations. "I brought a touch of Vegas back to Washington," said Bill Wheeler, who opened Grab 'N' Go Espresso on Highway 99 just south of Everett last year.

Wheeler says he aims to soon operate a dozen stands in Washington and Nevada, including one with male baristas in tight Speedos and bowties. Sometimes wearing little more than pasties and bikini bottoms, the scantily clad baristas at Wheeler's stands have scores of well-tipping customers.

Other businesses in the area aren't so thrilled at the "sexpresso" stand:

Some stands are trying to cash in on the backlash. They are displaying family-friendly signs and other messages including "We Make it Hot with our Tops On," "R-rated Coffee; PG-rated Girls" and "Known 4 Coffee Not Cleavage!"

And there's plenty of trash talking across the coffee divide. Sara Barnfather, 22, a barista with Stars and Stripes Espresso in Everett, said she's "proud to be classy, not trashy."

"If you like nipples and third-degree burns, go for it," she said. "But it's not my cup of tea."

David Chircop of Hearld Net did the uh, media coverage: Link - via

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I am suprised that these stands can exist. I have not been to one personally, but I saw video from when one of my co-workers went... and apperantly they paid the girls 15.00, and they put on a show (which included two girls making out, licking whip cream off of each other, and showing their Vagina!! Hmmm?? It makes me wonder how this can go on??? This is worse than a strip club!! If I knew this was around one of my kids, I would be infuriated!!!
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WOW I cannot believe that first of, its called a Bikini Hut!! Its illegal to be nude in public, now this is a TOPLESS coffee stand... I dont want my newphews neices seeying this crap... You can see topless women miles away.. and at night they make sure you see them to advertize... Bill Wheeler appears to be some sort of sick pervert.. WHere are the parents of these women?!? Las Vegas is for that kind of crap, that is why ppl go or avoid going there.. WA is not for these nasty stands... These so called "BIkini" huts where in really they are "Nude Boobs" need to be taken down.. You should of opened a Strip joint instead of bunch of coffee stands...
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WOW these girls are SO HOT!!!! there are a few ugly fat ones but most are HOT!!! i don't care that the prices are CRAZY high or that the coffee SUCKS i get to have something to look forward to on my way home!!
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This kind of stuff should be for the night clubs where people go to pay to look at girls. Frankly, when I go to a latte stand, I go to buy COFFEE, not to pay to see a girl or girls with little or no clothes on. Have some decencey people. There are still people that have small children that want to teach them wholesome family values. Imagine if that was your daughter with no clothes on.
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""Sexpresso" Stand Got Local Businesses All Hot and Bothered"

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