Biotech Company to Auction Dog Cloning

California biotech company BioArts International is holding an unusual auction, called Best Friends Again. With bidding starting at $100,000, the company promises to ... clone your dog!

His new company, BioArts, began work last fall to clone Missy, he said, who was three-quarters border collie and one-quarter husky.

Missy died in 2002 at age 15. But Mr. Hawthorne had taken genetic samples from Missy in 1997, and had more taken after she died.

In December, he said, a clone was born, Mira. Two other clones of Missy, Chin-Gu and Sarang, were born in February, he said. Tests by the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California, Davis, indicated that the three dogs were clones, not just relatives.

As for the auctions, Mr. Hawthorne said the bidding would start at $100,000. He said that was a starting price, not a minimum, and could drop.

He said that the opening and closing times for the auctions would be staggered, to reach potential customers in different time zones, and that the starting bids for the later auctions would be higher “to steer people to participate in the earlier auctions if they can, and avoid a phenomenon of everyone waiting to see how they go.”

He said that BioArts would not spend the money “unless and until we deliver a cloned dog that they sign off on,” and that the company would guarantee the resemblance between the customer’s dog and the clone.

Link (Photo: Heidi Schumann / The New York Times) - via Blue's News

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Ok you all just dont know what it is to love somthing SOOOO much and to have to loose it. My dog is like my son I love him more than my own life and if I could pay any amout of money to keep him in my life forever i would pay that. I understand that it might not be the same exact dog but at least he would look and feel and smell the same thats all i can ask for.... If you had a baby and it died would you want it back even if it was a different personality it would still be a part of your baby and thats better then nothing.. everyone is allowed there own point of view this i just mine. I have my dear wedgies blood stored and ready for the day he passes because I will have him cloned. he is six now and i believe in another 10 years I can have him cloned........
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Sure, it looks like the same dog. But even if you could raise it exactly the same way as the first one, it's not going to be the same dog. The personality could be vastly different. And that's probably the part of the dog that most people fall in love with!
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Agree with ted. So many shelter dogs needing a home, and mutts really do make the best dogs. Better health, usually good temperaments, and grateful to have a home.
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why isn't there an ethics comittee like the FDA or something?! oh wait - the FDA said already that it's ok to eat cloned food... hmmm... capitalism runs amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok amok...
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