Rampenfest: Viral Ad Launches New Beemer Straight from Bavaria to USA with a Giant Ramp

There's a thin line between genius and insanity, or so says Jeff Schultz who shot and directed this little documentary video called Rampenfest, about a little Bavarian village who built a giant ramp to bring the village closer to heaven ... and to shoot the new BMW Series 1 from Bavaria straight to the United States!

(Yes, it's a viral ad/film by BMW. 30+ minutes long)

Link - Thanks Franz Brendl!

I'm amazed that you would even ask that.

Theoretically it is possible, though not with a regular car, nor probably staying within the earth's atmosphere since you have no additional thrust nor steering capabilities while airborne. In fact, I'd wager you NEED to get outside the atmosphere considering that the wind resistance from a craft traveling the sufficient speed if you're going need to stay within the atmosphere would tear pretty much anything apart. Thusly you'd need a vehicle capable of reentry without burning up, not to mention it needs to be pressurized for the "pilot's" comfort and survival, among other things.

This is definitely one of those things which are better left on the drawing board, or in viral videos.
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Joan Aiken used this idea in a children's book called "Nightbirds in Nantucket". Only it's a cannon built to shoot a cannonball across the Atlantic ocean and assassinate the King of England. Loved those books...!
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This is a slightly bizarre campaign, but quite fun in its insanity. I agree though, few people are going to sit through such a long video.

There's more about the campaign on a forum I post on, here: http://www.1addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4776. Follow some of the links, there is some really bonkers stuff about the fictitious town of Oberpfaffelbachen.
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I agree! It's definitively the best viral ad, especially of the automotive ones!

If you would like to continue reading, check out the post I wrote on squeeq:

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