Trivia: America's Heart by Yakov Smirnoff

Comedian Yakov Smirnoff painted the mural "America's Heart" on the World Trade Center's ground zero.

Smirnoff was an art teacher in Odessa before he came to the United States and became known as a comedian. After 9/11, Smirnoff painted "America's Heart," a pointillist-style artwork with one brush-stroke for each victims of the attack. A giant mural of his painting was displayed on a damaged skyscraper overlooking the World Trade Center ground zero. (Source)

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Well, I'm not surprised that you guys beat me to it. However, did Smirnoff say 'Soviet Russia' or just 'Russia?' Now, there might have been a period between the end of the Soviet Union, and the point in time when OK, you just can't do those jokes anymore; no more CCCP (You don't know how lucky you are, boys), sorry--when he said 'Soviet Russia' in an effort to keep the spiel alive. Of course, back in the day, when there was no Russia proper, we still colloquially referred to the Soviet Union as 'Russia' & worried about mine gaps & fighting in the War Room & so on (just a note). So what was the famous joke as Smirnov delivered it, "Russia," "Soviet Russia," or "Soviet Union?" In any event, "In Soviet Union, giant heart paints you!' Pfft! : )
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Thinking of a clever "In Russia, the X Ys you" type of joke but that would be cheap.

Didn't know he was a painter. Why haven't I come across this interesting bit of old news before?
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