Modern Moonshine

Homemade whiskey is still illegal in all 50 states and most countries, but the craft is making a comeback. This time around, it’s a geek hobby instead of a moneymaking venture, with a focus on quality as opposed to quantity.
"It took me years, but with practice and dedication you can make any spirit every bit as good as a commercial distiller," says Dave Robison, 42, owner of Pioneer Spirits, a single-batch distillery in Chico, California. "You might not be able to reproduce it exactly, but it will be as good as anything you can buy on the top shelf."

Anyone who wants to try distilling is cautioned to do their homework first.
After all, he says, "This ain't stamp collecting."

Wired has an overview of the hobby, with links to sites and forums for home distillers.

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C12H22O11+H2O=4C2H5OH+4CO2 old formula as world itself.
I used to produce moonshine in great deal quantities during Gorbachev era. Nooooobody died or got poisoned by my poduct. All I read in this forum is just dillusion of the very little educated people especially in organic chemistry. Drunkers in Russia die due by drinking spirit made by wood(dry) crecking of wood chips....
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And speaking of truth. Vote for Barack Obama at your own peril. Considering his assault on the second amendment, his comments about guns and religion, and his belief in Black Liberation theology, this man really scares me. Vote for him at your own peril.
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Please people. Get your facts straight. Stop spreading misinformation about "things you have heard". First, there is nothing illegal about manufacturing your own moonshine for personal use. Unless you are selling it, with the elimination of prohibition, making alcoholic beverages for personal consumption is perfectly legal in most places in the US.

Second, moonshine is not inherently more poisonous than any other type of booze you buy from the liquor store. In the old days, moonshiners used to add other components (often methanol or other poisons) to save money (akin to cutting drugs with poisons) which led to the legend that moonshine will make you go blind. If you do straight fermentation-distillation, you will end up with a product that is just as safe as what you buy anywhere else.

Hopefully, this clears up the "old wive's tales", courtesy of those who believe dogs have cleaner mouths than humans, machines guns and silencers are illegal, and you'll catch a cold if you go outside with wet hair. :-)
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i've had great luck in freezing home made wine, and then turning the bottle upside down (while still in the freezer) and letting all the non frozen stuff drip out into another bottle. The stuff is great, really sweet and strong.
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Actually, the reports on lead poisoning are based on the product that is currently available in Virginia. Unless you know the source and know it does not contain lead, then do not drink it.
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