20 Places Threatened By Global Warming

Some parts of the earth are more vulnerable to devastation by global warming than others. Tropical (and biologically diverse) regions like the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, and the Virgin Islands may be the first to go, but highly populated areas such as New York, Tokyo, and London are in danger as well. This list details what could happen to sensitive areas if sea levels rise. Pictured is endangered New Orleans after Katrina. Link

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If any of you skeptics ever picked up a history book you would've known that there were little ice ages in the past 500 years, and that climate change has always been occurring.

The only debate going on is whether global warming is naturally occurring or man made. Then there's the other quack jobs who believe the rapture is coming. Even the most conservative right wingers believe global warming is happening, they just happen to believe it's naturally occurring and it's not man made. The only sort of evidence people bring to the table that global warming doesn't exist is the stupid weather man argument, and "oh well, we've had a colder winter this year than last year, so global warming must not be happening". Not everything is black and white, and before I believe some idiot politician who has no scientific background, or some hillbilly illiterate idiot who thinks that watching CSI makes you an expert in Criminal Science, I will trust the scientists, especially when the majority of them agree with each other.

And before you even dismiss science, whether you're a democrat, republican, idiot, or very religious, in the end, you believe in science and trust science more than you realize. You can thank science for your MRIs, your ipod, and your cell phone.

And this idea that 100 zionists controlling the world is absurd. George Bush being in power proved that. Maybe if you actually got off your asses and stopped bringing up these ridiculous excuses and let the world spin on by, and tried to achieve something you might actually realize how ridiculous your thought processes are.

"The “climate change crisis” caused by the human involvement is a cruel confidence scam. The Earth’s climate has NEVER been constant and has gone up and down many many times over billions of years. How self-righteous these kooks are who submit that THEY can determine some particular state is somehow IDEAL ?"

Exactly, except icebergs are melting for the first time in ooohh, I believe 10 000 years.

The environment movement will be the only thing to bring back America's shit hole economy, along with collecting from deadbeats that need 10 credit cards and are 40000 dollars in debt. I'm going to laugh when GM, Ford, and Chevy go under because they try to bring back muscle cars, and other companies focus on getting better mileage.
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Wow, what a barrage of crap.

There is no Global warming!

The Euro weenies and fags trying to take my SUV away!

Tens of thousands of scientists have partaken in peer reviewing the countless studies and they say....Climate change is happening.

That is of course excluding the scientist who don't believe it, but then they think the MRMA causes autism and that the earth is hollow too.

Yes the name has changed, to better describe the impending unpleasentness.

It used to be called the Green house effect in the 60s and 70s, but tards thought, "Cool, we'll be a cosy and have big Vegetables to eat from the green house"

So the name became global warming, on the off chance that the "global" aspect would have some effect...nope.

So now it's climate change, because to the scientists it mostr accurately reflects the situation.

Yes parts will warm, these are the parts that would best be left cold. And parts will become cold, the ones best left warm to temperate.

This will cause major calamity.

I prefer to be the first person to use the most accurate current terminology, which I hope may hit home.


See if that makes any sort of dent in this ridiculous notion that the entire scientific community is conspiring to take your crappy 19th century style car.

By all means hone your conspiracy theories to a razor like edge, but here's an idea, do it in New Orleans or some other low lying coastal enclave.

And no matter how high the water starts to lap around you, keep reciting the mantra

"It's a haox set up by the Elders of Zion/World Govt/The Socialist Easter Bunny to take my money/guns/suv/OVER WHEENING SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT from me"
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