Princess Pauline, the Smallest Woman in History

Look down at the man's feet: that was a not a child, but a grown woman named Pauline Musters. At 1 foot 11.2 inches, Pauline is the smallest mature woman ever recorded:

Born on February 26, 1876 in Ossendrecht in the Netherlands Pauline Munster’s was almost half of her final height straight from her mother’s womb. At birth, she was just over 12 inches. At age nine, the tiny dynamo weighed only three pounds and in adulthood Pauline Munster weighed less than nine pounds. Her measurements at age 19 were 181/2 -19-17, meaning she had curvy little figure and in truth she had no shortage of male suitors.

The Human Marvel has more on the story of "Princess Pauline": Link

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Your use the term 'micromidget' pretty much discredits your opinions regarding Pauline's intellectual development and dancing skills. Furthermore, little people are admirable in many big ways.
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There is absolutely no way she could have had a fully developed brain with that type of disorder, and this article's claim that she was a graceful dancer is just as ludicrous. I've seen footage of other micromidgets born in that last twenty years, and the only thing admirable about them is the fact that their internal organs continue to function.
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No shortage of male suitors? EW... I hope they were also little people as well, b/c if not.... EW. I can see if she was a normal little person, but she probably looked and sounded like a toddler. I don't even want to imagine the pedo pervs getting off on that.
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