Kittens in the Wall

Last Friday evening, the news editor of The Gadsden (Alabama) Times, Greg Bailey heard a noise behind the stove in his house. The whole family heard the noises, which his wife Helen identified as a cat. The noises were there the next morning, so after investigating every other possibility, Helen knocked a hole in the wall. Then another.
She stuck her hand in and felt around, then drew back in horror.

“I grabbed a tail,” she said, as both of us conjured up visions of a very large rat.

Helen reached in one more time ... and drew out, by its back this time, a tiny (as in fitting into the palm of your hand) cream-colored male tabby kitten. It was dirty, flea-bitten, hungry, scared ... and I wished I had a camera handy to record the look on Helen’s face. I knew at that instant we had another member of the family.

They had the kitten checked out by a vet and patched the hole with duct tape.
I was out shopping a couple of hours later, when my cell phone rang. It was Ryan. “Dad, Mom just pulled another cat out of the wall. “Welcome to the family,” I thought.

The kittens, estimated to be around three weeks old, are being fed formula and kitten food. They have been named Boo and Waldo. Helen Bailey says she doesn’t need anything else for Mothers Day. -via Fark

(image credit: Gadsden Times/Marc Golden)

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That human mom is a heck of alot braver than I am. Imagine if that situation happened during middle ages in Europe.

Coming back to modern times, I've always said that male black cats were bad luck... especially as fathers.

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Someone in the Fark forum told a story about a similar happening. They said cats would give birth in the attic, and small kittens could fall in through openings at the top of walls. That sounds like a possible scenario here.
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