Steve Eats Unpleasant Things So You Don't Have To

This one's a bit old, but if you haven't read it yet, it'll be new (and newly disgusting) to you. Over at The Sneeze, you can find a compilation of every "Steve, Don't Eat It!" feature, in which Steve eats things most of us only have Fear-Factor-induced nightmares about eating. Think of it like "Jackass" for your stomach. Among the thing he samples: Dog treats, black fungus...and his own wife's breast milk:

I couldn't bring myself to just do the whole shot at once, so I started out with a little girly sip. And the truth is it's not that bad at all. It tastes like milk, just slightly more sweet. And mentally, just slightly more making me want to gargle with Clorox and assume the fetal position while I question my life.

Hit the Link to read more of Steve's gourmet adventures. WARNING: This is link not for the faint of heart.

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ironically, humans were not meant to drink cow's milk. but i suppose it's sort-of difficult to extract milk from humans in large enough quantities to satisfy consumer demand. wow.. there's a new perspective you don't mean to pay attention to every day.
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Steve: breast milk makes heavenly omelets. Try it.

Also, have you tried baby formula (just to give the other side a chance)? -- it's like poison and I cannot believe any child can choke down that stuff. It is the most bitter taste on earth, I swear!
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That's some nasty stuff. Silkworm pupa looked especially bad to me.

The only thing out of all that that I ever tried was natto, which is (I think) just fermented soybeans. It wasn't particularly tasty but not horrible either. It's supposed to be real big in Japan. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
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