Infected, the Game

"Infected" is a game by Emily Jo Cureton, where one player draws a "disease" card and then enacts the symptoms/description of the disease. The other players then get to guess what affliction it is. Kind of like "who am I" or charades, but with illnesses!

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Emily, while we do indeed live in a world which has been less than kind to ill or otherwise "different" people, that is hardly an excuse to promote old and hysterical stereotypes about those who are different from you. I imagine the people you "polled" about your image choices are not that different from you, in which case I suggest expanding your circle of friends (if not your mind). Poor choices notwithstanding, I do think you are talented.
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Okay, why the hell is there a homosexuality card in a game about DISEASES? I admit that Micky Mouse as the illustration was funny, but still, that's way out of place.
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i agree that this game is offensive and insulting to all sorts of people. though as the creator i feel inclined to defend my logic, however uncouth....while making some of the cards (the more reverent, "witty" ones came in the beginning of the process) i polled random people to get their reactions toward a lot of these "infections", most of which i knew little about.. many many many of these gut reactions from random folks were prejudiced, offensive, ignorant or just plain wrong. the truth is, people are largely misinformed and fearful about the nature of illness. Perhaps its a cheap ploy to essentially accuse my viewers of holding certain stereotypes by presenting them with some of these images, but I hoped the irony, however bitter and inappropriate, would be glaringly apparent. the bad joke here (besides my art) is that everyone can instantly understand the offensive visual one-liners i offer up. in retrospect, maybe superimposing ignorance (and in some cases malice) on my images wasnt the best way to get my point across, but since i operate in a world that has an historically appalling way of dealing with both deviance and actual illness, ill just slough the blame on to society for now.
-emily jo cureton
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