Border Fence To Put US Business in the Mexican Side

Golfers who want to play on the Fort Brown Golf Course near the US-Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas will soon need a passport.

That's because the Department of Homeland Security, in an attempt to build a more or less straight fence, decided to put the US golf course
on the Mexican side of the border fence!

Imagine being a United States citizen having business ... a business in the United States and then finding out the Department of Homeland Security is building its Mexican border fence with you on the Mexican side!

Podcast by Dick Helton at KNX1070 Newsradio - via LA Times

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i just have to say... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA AAAHHHHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH OH WAIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA! ok. wait HAHAHAHA! alright. alright. enough of this junk. the whole mentality that our country is going to sh*t BECAUSE of immigration is a load of crap. our government is sooo stupid sometimes that i can't believe this country has lasted this long under the same name. 'united' states? more like 'everyone does their own thing while the gov't severely limits them' states. can't wait to move to canada...
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How much do you wanna bet that the Mexico side of the golf course is excellently maintained while the USA side deteriorates?

Also, does this mean we'll be seeing illegal immigrants dressing up like golfers?
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Hmm. Mexicans are doing all the jobs most americans don't want to. Let's put up a fence to keep any more from getting in, ship out the ones who came here because they couldn't make it in their country, and then wonder where all our labor went.
I don't care about the golf course, I do not agree with tearing a reserve in half. If the coyotes can integrate (DUH there's a fence in the way...) then chances are good (bad) that the ecosystem will be off-kilter. What's the point of a reserve anyway??
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I can see using eminent domain to build fence. However, it is a crock that govt does not have to buy all the property that gets put south of the border, unless owner is allowed to put ladders on that fence...
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