How Much Food Are You Throwing Away?

Just exactly how much food are we throwing away uneaten? Ursula Hirschkorn, 36, of North London kept a diary for a week to discover just how much food her family throws out, and the amount is staggering:

The average family throws away £610 of perfectly good food each year — much of it totally untouched — according to
figures released this week. That works out at £11.73 a week. And all of that adds to the £10billion of waste across the country.


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Sell/use by dates are a load of rubbish put on food packaging by manufacturers to cover themselves. In general if food looks and smells off it generally is, otherwise it's fine.
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Most of the food I end up throwing away is because it is going south >before I get it home from the store<. Milk, bread and meat should not go bad within a few days of getting it home. (I have a new fridge with thermometers, so I know its not MY kitchen thats the problem.)

I think some stores are cutting back on their refrigeration a few degrees to save money or employees are just poorly handling items.
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Besides the food being thrown out imagine the amount of money one spends to buy all that food at first and then not eating what you've bought.
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