American Burger Drink Coaster

UK online retailer has this clever drink coaster set shaped like an "American burger" (I suppose us Yanks just call it "burger"). The buns, tomato, meat patty, cheese, and lettuce all function as drink coasters, and when you're done - stack 'em all up like a burger!

Link - via I Like Totally Love It, thanks Malte Goesche!

I thought that an American invented the hamburger which is why it is called an American burger...

anyway here are my thoughts for a good ole English burger...

Cheddar cheese?
HP Sauce?
Chips (aka Fries) and Baked Beans on the side?

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JER23: Saying 'American burger' makes it sound like there are other kinds of 'national burgers' if its understood in Europe that burgers were made in America then there is no need to say 'American burger'
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In England we do say 'burger'...but it refers to just the meat (I think you call the meat a 'patty'...which to us is just a girl's name). us the item is in the shape of an American burger.
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Most people in the states call them burgers, Marc. They're called patties in commercials, for some arcane reason. I have never thrown a patty on my grill, although many burgers have met their fate there.
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