Cigarette Smoking is Good ... for Birds!

Photo: Brian Klaus

Cigarette smoking may be bad for your health, but it's great for the wildlife! Brian Klaus of Nothing Else Better To Do Than Read This Blog wrote:

I opened the door and went onto the patio to ask Gabriel what he wanted. I haven't been out on this patio since I quit smoking (I would never smoke in the house). I guess I prefer my patio on the ground.

Now here's the embarrassing part. I used to dump my ash tray into a trash can that was on the patio. I guess since I haven't been on the patio in so long I've forgotten to empty the trash can which is filled about 2/5's of the way up with cigarette butts. Pretty gross, I know. I'm a slob, I admit it.

Just as I was about to shout down to Gabriel I noticed the trash can and a bird that made it's nest inside of it!! I can't tell if there's eggs in the nest of butts and twigs that the bird had made for itself, but I don't have the heart to chase the bird away.

Link | And as you can see above, the first egg hatched! - Thanks Brian!

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It amazes me how people living in America are so unaware of the rest of the world, let alone the parts of the world surrounding them. Humans are so incredibly selfish that the majority of people out there actually think its ok that a bird built a nest out of gross old butts. This image is so powerful, yet so many people are blind and refuse to understand that humans are not the most important animals on this earth. It's sad, because one day we will ruin it all to the point that humans will no longer exist, but luckily, nature will make a come back. We just won't be around to see it anymore.
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I have a pet chicken who is addicted to nicotine. When she was young and about to reach "henhood", she managed to snatch a freshly lit Marlboro Light 100 from my friend and ate the whole thing, cherry and all. To this day she always chases after my cigarette butts and eats the tobacco out of them.
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Sandy, it's not really litter if it was in his TRASH CAN. You should be mad at the birds. Thieving little noise-polluters. Perhaps you should ask if the birds lived before saying they're doomed. Imagine if they read that. "My house is toxic?!? OMG!"
You just gave an innocent bird a heart attack. Nice going, bird killer.
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