Hex the Six-Legged Kitten, RIP

Hex was an adorable kitten born in Florida about two months ago. She was born about six weeks ago with two extra legs hanging from her stomach - they were part of a Siamese twin that never fully developed.

The vet said that Hex would surely die if she didn't get a surgery to remove the limbs. In a short amount of time, Hex's owners raised almost $5000 for the surgery, which unfortunately was unsuccessful. Hex died on the first of May.

http://www.hexfoundation.org/Home_Page.html | CBS4 Article | Video clip of Hex, taken a few weeks ago (embedded YouTube)

Photo (Veterinary Specialists of South Florida / CBS)

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MrPumpernickel, I wouldn't feel bad, it's pretty ridiculous to spend that kind of money on crazy kitten surgery. I've had relationships with items in my fridge longer than that cat had with its owners.
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What an absurd waste of money. You can probably get a whole truckload of dead cats for the same price.

That $5000 could have been used to save a lot more animals.

In my childhood, when our cat had her second litter (purebreds), she had one runt and one with a sunken chest. The sunken chest one died on his own. We had the runt put down simply because it was in such rough shape, it would have been incredibly cruel to let it live. We still missed it, but you do what's best for the animal.
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I might go to hell for this comment, but this is a perfect example why you should just euthanize pets such as this instead of spending oodles of money (especially when it'a not your own money) on surgery that's just likely to fail anyway.
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