Building Your Own (Functional) Iron Man Suit

With all the hoopla about Iron Man, DVICE blog wonders if we can actually build a real Iron Man suit. Step one is to check out what history has to offer, and that's Hardiman exoskeleton for humans:

Before we start building our own Iron Man suit, let’s first benefit from the experience from those who have tried this in the past. In 1965, GE (disclosure: our parent company, bless ’em) was the first to try creating an exoskeleton for humans. But the first iteration went berserk — kicking, bucking and gyrating so much, they never chanced it with a human inside. The project was scaled down to an arm that would be able to lift 750 pounds, enough to load up a bomb onto a plane on an aircraft carrier. Big problem, though: The arm itself weighed 1,500 pounds, far beyond anyone’s capacity to handle it. The idea was scrapped.

Read the rest of the entertaining article here: Link - via Gorilla Mask

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There was a television show on last week that was about exoskeletons. I only caught it for about a minute before I had to go. Anyone know what it was? Would like to actually watch the whole thing
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either this months or last months popular science has a cover artical about this very subject:
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