History’s Mysteries

15 Historical Events That Fascinate Us brings us the short version of the most puzzling pieces of our history. The wonders of the ancient world, rumored treasures no one has found, lost civilizations, technology that shouldn’t have been possible at the time, these mysteries capture our imagination and our curiosity. http://frikoo.com/15-historical-events-that-fascinate-us -via the Presurfer

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Many years ago my girlfriend and I slept in a teepee a few hundred meters from the stones of Stonehenge. We were the only people there, waiting for the owner of the teepee to come back. One night I stepped out of the teepee to take a leak. While I was pissing I saw a lightbeam flashing from the centre of the stones straight up in the air.
I never found out what it was and I still wonder what happened.
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They found bodies at Stonehenge so it must've been an altar? While that does tie into the hysterical "they were sacrificing humans!" theme, isn't it just as likely that they used a sacred place as a burial ground?
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