Babies Laughing, the Video Compilation

Y'know, it's only after I became a father that I truly - and I mean truly - appreciate a baby's laughter. There's nothing like it in the world.

I'd say that a baby's laugh is proof that God exists and that he loves us, except that Benjamin Franklin had already used the phrase for beer.

Say No to Crack blog has a pretty neat compilation of 7 YouTube clips of babies laughing - some we've seen before on Neatorama, and some we haven't: Link

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Alex, I agree with you with one correction. The baby's laughter that will affect you this way is YOUR baby's. You might smile when you see/hear another baby laughing or giggling (little girl giggle -- ahhhhhhhhhh) but the one tha will put you into nirvana every time is your child's.
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Aw this really cheered me up! I've been feeling kind of depressed today and these laughing babies put a smile on my face ^_^
I love how babies laugh. I used to have a recording of my baby cousin being tickled as my ringtone on my phone, so everytime someone called me I'd hear his little voice laughing at me.
But I can't help thinking that with the four babies, it's four times as cute when they all laugh, but how bad would it be if they all cried?
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We just babysat for a friend's 4 month old yesterday. I was surprised how much I missed the uncontrolled, nearly autonomic giggle a baby makes. Our 2 year old boy is the greatest thing ever, but a baby's giggle is truly a magical device that turns adults to jelly. I'm convinced it's an evolutionary survival mechanism to keep parents interested in taking care of them, and it works like a charm.
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