Big Baby Boy Takes After Parents

Svetlana Singh is 7 feet 2 inches tall. She s the tallest woman in India. Her husband, Sanjay, is 6 feet 6 inches. Their ten-month-old son Karan is already 3 feet 2 inches tall! His mother says he eats twenty times a day.
"He just doesn't stop eating and never stops growing," she said.

"He is only ten-months-old and wears clothes designed for five-year-olds.

"Karan has never fitted into baby clothes, even when he was first born he was 2ft 2in tall and was the same size as a normal two-year-old."

The Singhs are proud of their son and hope he may become a basketball player and attend college in America some day. Link -via Arbroath

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Geez, people. Take a pill. If you want it converted into metric, do it yourself! The original article (from Britain) uses inches. Neatorama just posted it as it was written.

@Ronnie: Birth size may mean little, but this kid is still huge! I don't think he's going to "grow out of it".
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Geez, folks! Click the bloody link to the Telegraph and the picture's caption! The lady on the right (yes, apparently it IS a lady) is the 7'2" woman. The kid she is holding is her 10 month old monster son.

The woman on the left and the kid she is holding are normal-sized family friends who are in the picture to provide some sense of scale.
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So I take it these people can't help their condition. They are doing the best they can and want the best for their son. I wish them well. That's too bad the lady looks masculine. Once again, it's not her fault. it must be hard for her. I'm sure some people look at her as a monster. sad
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