Railroad Tank Implosion

Im not sure if this is filmed in real time but if it is, the pressure must've been intense. This video is apparently part of an instructional video for employees learning how to clean and vent cars.

Link: LiveLeak

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No, Eric. This is not a fake. The experiment was done intentionally to demonstrate to railroad employees the ease at which vacumn can implode a tank car.

The german "760" was an announcement of the actual vacumn measured, as opposed to the outside pressure. That increment equates to just over 14.5 negative pounds of pressure (or vacumn). In german, after saying "760" the speaker also says' "the winner is (and a german name)". A longer version of that video shows many company employees standing behind a safety barrier, watching the demonstration.

The demonstration was captured on video for future training purposes. Obviously, something like this is going to make it to YouTube quickly.

It's no fake.
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In order for this to happen as described, the liquid would have to be pumped out under significant pressure, no? If you simply opened up the bottom of the tank to let the liquid out, it wouldn't implode even if it wasn't vented -- the liquid would stop flowing if air couldn't get in to take its place.

(@Kent, Nice explanation, thanks -- but do you mean you mean bulkhead rather than bulwark? A bulwark is a defensive wall, like a fortification; a bulkhead is a partition, usually inside a boat or submarine, that strengthens it and prevents leaks or fires from spreading.)
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