Greenhouse Eneplug: AC to USB Charger

Hey, this is pretty spiffy if it indeed works: Greenhouse Eneplug which lets you charge your USB powered gadget directly from the AC power outlet.

Not yet available, but you can pre-order it for May: Link - via GeekAlerts

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It looks like a 3 pack for 47.19, which would probably be a conversion from a euro price. They are much SMALLER than the ones that I've seen/we sell at our store. Which is cool and all, but you know. Still an idea 4 years too late.
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I bought something like this at Wal-mart like a year ago. It's not just a plug but it plugs into the wall and then you can plug your USB stuff into it. And it was only $15. $47 is a rip!
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Also, who decided to stick "19¢" to the price?

For $47 you could probably buy an entire used computer. Plug it in and have many USB chargers. Or buy a TiVo: USB charger with built in DVR!

I feel sorry for anyone who buys one of these.
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The more I think about this, the more dumb it is.

You can buy a powered USB hub ( < $15, available anywhere), and simply not plug in the computer cable, and you'd have the same thing as this except:
1) With more ports (4 or 8 instead of 1)
2) A long power cord, making it easier to place where you want it
3) Much, much cheaper

This product announcement is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.
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