Slow Motion Compilations

After posting the video "Popping A Water Balloon", I was pointed towards looking for better and longer slow motion videos for folks who will enjoy everyday objects reacting in manners quite alien to us. Well, thank goodness it's Friday because I've got two whoppers for you! Two great videos of slow-mo excellence:

The first video is a compilation of various YouTube clips that were created through the process of high speed cameras catching every movement and every detail that the normal eye cannot process as quickly or clearly.

The second video - and by far my favorite - is by a group called "Lucid Movement" who have filmed incredible images and scenes with high speed cameras as well. This compilation is a look at up to six months worth of filming and processing that really pays off as you'll see.

So, if you're at the office/school/home sit back and take a coffee break to enjoy these videos because I guarantee that you'll be saying, "Whoa!" with an bemused amused look on your face. If there is anything to take away and learn from watching these is that we should all stop, relax, take a deep breath, and slow down to enjoy the World around us.

I would like to thank Thespian24601 for pointing me towards the first video and to Lucid Movement. Oh, and please register with a shorter name! ;)

[Link] - to first YouTube video
[Link] - to second Youtube video
[] - to Lucid Movement


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From what I can tell from my paltry knowledge of physics is that all the water droplets fall at the same rate. Think of the experiment by Galileo when he dropped a ten-pound weight and a one-pound weight and found that they fell at the same rate which would point out that at any weight and size they fell at the same speed. Now take this in context with the raindrops and its easier to understand. However, I'm sure they do collide due to wind resistance and when they are blown about by gusts of wind.
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What keeps rain drops from colliding in midair to form larger drops? Makes perfect sense to me. Besides, sometimes you get that really fine mist of a rain, and sometimes you get the huge drops. Nothing new.
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First video - I know that all the crack shots took great skill, but the lighter was by far the coolest. It amazes me how violent reactions are in slow motion. Almost makes the whole world a far scarier place.
Second video - Was that first water bit rain? If it was, I always thought all rain drops were the same size. There's no reason they should be, but I had no idea there was a difference from one drop to another.
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