Cameramail: Dear Mr. Postman, Take Some Photos Will Ya?

In 2003, Kyle Van Horn of Three Bunny Press decided to send a cameramail: a disposable camera attached to an oversized postcard with instructions asking the postal carrier to take photos!

On November 30th, 2003, an oversized postcard holding one disposable camera and a roll of 800 ASA, 27 exposure film was mailed from Lafayette, IN to Santa Monica, CA. A few days later, the postman knocked on the door of my friend and found him answering in his underwear. He did not understand the statement: "The Post Master wants to know why you are mailing cameras." as he had no prior knowlege of this delivery. Approximately 14 of the 27 shots arrived intact, all of which were taken at the Lafayette post office. - via 11111001111

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It seems like it would be more fun if the mail-carrier took photots while he was delivering the mail, not just in the office.
But then again, how many of us have actually been in the back of the post office?
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Do you really want to know more about the postal service? Just ask. Maybe they have tours.
Your life must be dull indeed if watching people sort mail makes it "more interesting".
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Okay, so the link is titled 11111001111, which I assumed would be some clever binary reference to the content of the site. Instead it's simply this : รน

The camera trick is cool. It would be much cooler if the postal employees would take pictures of the steps it took to get there, maybe the neighborhood around them.
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At the bottom of the photos page, there is the following: "...apparently one of the women in it posed in playboy.
My mailman told me so, and as I recall, it's not the one you'd suspect."

So which one of the ladies was in Playboy?
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