Banksy Paints While CCTV Observes

Graffiti artist Banksy was at it again over the weekend, painting an indictment of closed circuit TV in central London. Despite the presence of a CCTV camera, he erected a three-story scaffolding and a plastic cover under which he painted his masterpiece. Not only can the real cameras be seen just to the right of the graffiti, a policeman with a camera is part of the artwork. Link -via Fark

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I wish I could email Banksy to congratulate him on his work. Even more, I wish I could have him create one of his works of art on the plain white garage door of my home. Alas, if I put my address in all sorts of nutters would turn up to vandalise my home. Hopefully one day we will know who he - or she- is and they will not face prosecution. Yes, there is a difference between what Banksy does and what vandals do.
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- its not about taste, its about public space and the ownership of the visual environment. what banksy does the equivalent of a mammal rubbing his scent glands up against trees. before he did this piece, that wall was a neutral surface which didn't jostle for space (either visually or politically), and in a city as cluttered as london, that can be important. now its a big bit of 'banksyworld' and i don't care for it. i feel the same way about many billboards, all tv screens on buses, on the underground and so on.

and of course everyone's part of the system - it's just some of us have different ways of expressing our opposition to it (or not) in more nuanced ways. have a look at joseph beuys's 7000 oaks for another approach, and for how to get things done. i know he's a different sort of artist by the way, but banksy's stock is very high and he could be doing much more imaginitive stuff.

i would lay a weeks wages on banksy having shopped in tescos, used cashpoints (he has to put all that money in a bank somewhere) and he'd certainly be up for the police using CCTV evidence if he was mugged on oxford street. all stuff he uses in his work.

i don't have a problem with his stance, but i do have a problem with his double standards, and his work being such one-liners, with a touch of cynicism for good measure...
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