The Bulbdial Clock

The Bulbdial Clock . . . has no hands, just one pole in the center of the clock. Towards the outer rim we find three light sources of varying heights which revolve around the pole casting shadows on the dial. As you can see in the above image, the light sources are each attached to special rings, which rotate around the pole. There’s the innermost ring that rotates once per minute, analogous to a “second hand”. Then follows the middle ring, which completes a rotation once per hour and casts the “minute hand” shadow. Ultimately, the outer ring rotates once every 12 hours, casting the “hour hand” shadow.

You can use the Bulbdial Clock as a conventional sundial or you can mount it on walls for a more convenient way of telling time across large spaces. The Bulbdial Clock solves all the problems posed by the sundial, but comes with one little issue of its own: it doesn’t work in bright light environments.

Via Cool Gadget Concept

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Yeah, I thought about that after, and I figured it would probably work vertically. It would just mess with my perception of the horizontal sundial it's meant to mimic.

And NiteWhite, glad to see your comments are still as asinine as ever.
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ted, sparge is correct that gravity does not affect light, but gases might since they absorb certain wavelengths so if you experience a lot of flatulence (of the rear) it might not work for you!
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ted - it should work in any orientation, vertical, horizontal or tilted. Gravity doesn't affect light, in the small magnitudes that are found in regular planets and suns. I suppose it wouldn't work right near a black hole, but not much will...
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