Postcard From Yo Momma: Compilation of Emails from Mothers

Postcard From Yo Momma is a neat website where you can send (anonymously) emails from your mom. Some are very Internet-literate, whereas others still use their AOL emails and send out little guilt traps like "I wish you'd call more often."

Reading the entries are like getting glimpses into the mothers that I know, including my own! (I love you mom!).

For example:

Things just change
I am sure it will happen again. The trick is not to kid yourself. Everyone is all in love in the beginning but as time wears on every relationship, even the ones you try hard to keep fresh and alive, get a bit stale. At first you wouldn’t even dare fart in front of him, 10 years later you’re talking to him while you’re sitting on the toilet. Things just change.

In Bloom
Hi Again: Twice in one day, oh my! I just washed those white curtains from the condo. Please measure the bathroom windows and I’ll try to get them made up for your bathroom in NYC if you still want them. It is so beautiful with everything in bloom. I just feel God all around when it is like this. Off to my soaps. Love, Mother

And even this tech savvy mom:

my mother (aged 68) the tech head
I’ve just downloaded QuickTime Player 7 Pro (cracked bittorrent) so that I can record the music I get from the radio stations on iTunes. By the way I have two sets of computer speakers here which I use for the Sony fm/mw/sw which I bought in Singapore. I plug in the iPod and can listen to all the podcasts. I also use the speakers in the back bedroom, so I am also smiling.

Link - Thanks Eric!

The photo is, of course, Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver, America's favorite mom in the TV series Leave It to Beaver.

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Very nice Miss Cellania - jus' hang loose, blood. She gonna catch you up on the rebound with the med-side.

On another note, it's always weird for people like me to see what communication with "normal" parents is like. This morning I caught my mom trying to fax an entire bottle of tequila to the FBI, because she thought it was proof that there are government assassins living in her pantry.
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