Tay Zonday Tattoo

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I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is a bad tattoo, because the artist did a good job with the subject. But maybe we can call it a bad idea tattoo. -via Metafilter

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dont get me wrong, i agree the tattoo is stupid. but the fact is that people all over the world get stupid tattoos every day. you should see the things that people get tattooed on their body. and you know what they say about opinions... they are like a**holes - everyones got one. its an interesting idea, and without it i would have one less thing to waste a couple minutes on while i screw around before work. the tattooer did a very good job, portraits are hard. and without dumb stuff like this the world would be a lot more boring, so good job dude. fill us in when you top this one.
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The person who posted the video was the tattoo artist. He cleared that up in the video description. I'm a big Tay fan, so I posted a response vid "Am I Committed Enough" since I only have a Tay Zonday bumper sticker. What's the big deal? The artist did a beautiful job. Tay is a very good looking guy. I'd have one except I don't have a big enough arm and my husband would not understand. : )
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