Stupid Game Show Answers

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They may be stupid, but they are unbelievably lucky answers. -via Bits and Pieces

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i noticed all the contestants were women. although this guy ( would argue men are better than women and have nothing more to offer society than a vagina, this clip can be looked further into to prove that women DO have more to offer society. women think in ways that men can't and offer another side of the story. the women in this particular clip may seem slightly moronic at first glance, but their answers give a look into a different perspective. on the last answer with the duck, the question was 'what you take into the bathroom besides a towel and soap?' those are bare necessities that most people think about, as bathing is probably a part of peoples' daily hygeine regimen. if a man were to answer the question, he would have said something like a razor or mirror because men think in terms of necessity. women think in terms of possibility, which allows more creativity. all i'm saying is that men may have discovered and named the colors, but women probably organized them and called it a rainbow.
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I laughed at the duck clip. Then I went to brush my teeth and saw my rubber ducky sitting on the edge of the tub. It's not my rub-a-dub pre-req, but it does hang out near the bath.
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