The Roslin Station, a Flash Game for LOST Fans

If you're a fan of the TV Series LOST then you'll probably like this Flash game, The Roslin Station.

Why, it's confusing, drawn out, and most people will stop playing after just a few moments, just like the TV show. Oops, did I say that out loud? ;)

In other words, they've captured the essence of LOST perfectly!

Link [Flash] - Thanks Yinan Chen!

Update 4/4/08: Original Link - Thanks Davron!

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I'm the one who submitted the first link. The link was not "stolen" as the first person said. People post their games on Newgrounds to have them spread across the web. Newgrounds did not make the game. The author simply uploaded the first version without the newgrounds logo and then subsequently uploaded a later version with the Logo in order to get a higher chance to get it frontpaged. Search for the game online, there are about 100 places that have it. Some of them have had it longer than newgrounds.
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Finally! Someone agrees with me how dumb Lost is!
If you watch a mystery, you want to get the feeling that you are actually progressing towards finding out what happened. But Lost is three series in (in England at least) and there still doesn't seem to be any answers.

It didn't really suprise me when I watched Cloverfield that there was a big crazy monster who no one knew anything about, a load of annoying main characters who slowly died and nothing was explained at all. It was written by J.J. Abrams!
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