The Weird and Wild Flavors of BeanBoozled Jelly Belly

Some years after Jelly Belly released the Bertie Bott's Jelly Bean (inspired by the Harry Potter book series), they came out with these weirdly and wildly flavored jelly beans, BeanBoozled.

Candy Addict blog reviewed some of the flavors:

Pencil Shavings: Oddly enough, these did have a woody essence to them, with notes of plastic and rubber. I’d say it wasn’t horrible, yet it wasn’t tasty either. Just interesting.

Baby Wipes: (from Brian) Wow - these taste just like baby wipes smell. You can’t truly appreciate these unless you have had kids. Brings back many unpleasant diaper memories.

Link - Thanks Candy Addict!

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The Pencil Shavings bean tastes absolutely horrible in my opinion. Upon tasting, I nearly barfed, so I made my way to the bathroom, where my wife had just dropped a giant deuce, so I nearly barfed again. Right now my jaw and head still hurt from the wrongness of it all.

Evil, Evil Beans.
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Ah America always gets the best candy! We had to wait for about twenty years for Jelly Belly to get over here, and there's still loads of awesome stuff you guys have which we don't have yet (taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Twinkies...).
Although your chocolate is very poor quality. I can't believe how bitter it is!
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