118 118 Spoof Ads: The Original Sweded Clips?

Okay, okay - this one is an oldie but still a goodie. Remember the famous 2003 Honda ad "Cog" (some say the best Honda ad ever)? It took 606 tries to shoot the 2 minutes-or-so clip - no trick photography or computer graphics was used. If you don't remember (or want to see it again), here it is:

[YouTube Link: Honda Accord "Cog" Ad]

Well, here's the spoof version (well, "sweded" but this was done well before the term was invented), also made without any computer graphics, but I'm pretty sure didn't take 606 takes to make:

[YouTube Link: Honda Spoof Ad]

BTW, 118 118 is a telephone directory service in the UK. They're quite famous for having spoof ads featuring the two mustachioed men (the "118 118 twins"). Here are a couple of their ads:

[YouTube Link: 118 118 A Team]

[YouTube Link: 118 118 Flashdance] Disturbing! You've been warned.

And lastly, here's another spoof of Honda's ad. This time the famous Honda Choir ad (first clip is the ad, the next clip is the spoof):

[YouTube Link: Honda Choir Ad]

[YouTube Link: 118 118 Choir Ad Spoof]

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Although we couldn't condone interrupting lessons to sing the 118 theme Rosi, we're glad that you all like the ads! We've shortly got a new 118118 advert out soon so I hope you all like that one too
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About the vid nr. 1: ever seen those "Pythagora Switch" videos? If not, search for them at youtube. Seems that japanese kiddos are taught very early how to "make things work".
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