Repairing an Airplane In Flight (From the Outside!)

Look closely at the photo: yup, that's one James Terry of Miami Florida, who demonstrated his safety device for repairing airplanes while flying! From the June 1930 edition of Modern Mechanics - via Modern Mechanix

"In 1897, John sailed back to England for supplies and assistance for the colony. When he returned in 1890, everything was gone except for the infamous “CROATOAN” carved on a tree."

Those dates don't seem quite right.
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My grandfather was a marine aircraft mechanic in the closing days of WWI. They would fly in the planes so they could work on them in flight.

The best part of his tales where what they did in their down time. They were stationed in Cuba and at night would head up with a couple bottles of rum. Once they were in flight the pilot would put the plane into a slight bank and tie the control stick in place with rope. Then the pilot and mechanic would climb out on the wing, sit and drink rum while doing lazy circles over the ocean.

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