Wacky Japanese celebs get bitten by harmless snake

This is just another clip from that seemingly bottomless bin of crap Japanese television where they have Japanese celebrities doing stupid things on camera. Normally I hate snakes and am very fond of beautiful Japanese women in goofy costumes, but I must confess that I was cheering for the snake this time. YouTube.

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@ Sammael...

WTF. I'm..Japanese. Stupid stereotypes. *sigh* I assume uou are a balding fat man who loves nascar and other redneck activities?

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stupid japonese and their stupid games
the snake bite isnt strong enough to kill them but they should be killed because of this kind of games !!!

whats is even more worse than that is the sex games , im sure there is some vids on youtube.

and do you know 2 girls 1 cup ? japonese girls love to do that !!! has a proper name for that which i forgot now
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i feel depressed that you can't get a laugh out of this ridiculously brilliant premise.

animal life is a constant need to protect one's self... i.e. fight or flight. this is probably one of the more exciting days in captivity for this snake.
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I really can't believe this doesn't qualify as animal abuse.

You can tell that would normally be a passive snake. So very depressing. Stuff like this really upsets me.
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