Euro, the Currency of Choice for Drug Traffickers

Here's an unexpected outcome of the weakening dollar: more and more drug traffickers are going to Europe!

Even as the dea has made it more bothersome to bring coke into the United States, the sliding dollar has made importing it less profitable. Both the UN and dea note that a kilo of coke brings in two times as much in Europe as it does in America.

As with any commodity, producers look to maximize earnings by selling in markets with the strongest currencies. But unlike oil, for instance, the value of which is measured in dollars, the cocaine market is more fluid. "The euro has become the preferred currency for drug traffickers," declared then-dea administrator Karen Tandy at an anti-drug conference last May. "We're seeing a glut of euro notes throughout South America," she said, adding that "9 of 10 travelers who carried the $1.7 billion euros that came into the United States during 2005 did not come from Europe...They came from Latin America."


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Simple reason the 500Eur note is the largest hard currency note. The biggest demomination in USD is $100 If you have to carry a stack of cash Euros will be about 1/5 the physical size of dollars. Recent changes in Uk law now mean you have to declare to customs if you are carrying more than 10,000Eur cash when traveling to or from a destination outside the EU.
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This seems backwards. I'd have thought that the reason behind the low prices in America is that it's not in short supply rather than that the DEA's efforts are making it hard.
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