Trivia: Hazardous Waste Dumps in New Jersey

There are more hazardous waste sites in New Jersey than anywhere else in the United States.

In 1998, The Garden State had 109 hazardous waste sites on the national priorities list for the federal Superfund program or 8.7% of the national total. The state's land area is just 0.2% of the United States. New Jersey's hazardous waste density (the number of sites per 1,000 square miles) was 14.7 or 40 times the national average. (Source: A Geography of New Jersey: The City in the Garden by Charles A. Stansfield)

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I'm so sick of everyone targeting NJ with jokes. Why can't they make fun of any other state??! It's actually really pretty in a lot of parts of nj, it's not completely gross, freaking seriously people, if it's not cool to pick on a disabled person who can't help teh way they are then don't freaking pick on NJ im so sick of all your stereotypes.
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New Jersey is the "Garden State". But seriously, maybe this explains why civil engineers in New Jersey think that traffic circles are a good thing. I will drive 100 miles out of my way just to avoid one.
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You know the reason New Jersey has all the toxic waste and California has all the lawyers right? It's because New Jersey got first pick! Thank you thank you, i'll be here all week, tip your waitress...
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I just skimmed the article so I may have missed something. But I wonder why it has so much hazardous waste.
I could see New Mexico and Nevada because of all the Nuclear research and weapons development that happens there. But why New Jersey?
Of course when I think of Hazmat. I think Nuclear & Chemical mostly. But even Gas stations are considered Hazardous sites because of fuel leakage.
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