Trivia: Italy is For Vacation Lovers ...

If you like to go on vacations, move to Italy. The average number of vacation days every year there is 42 days.

In the United States, on the other hand, employees only get an average of 13 days of vacation each year.

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I always dreamed of having vacation in Italy. I always find the place impressing and very safe place for vacation.I'm too far from that dream but I always got the hope of waiting until it will be a step away.


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In France you have 5 weeks paid vacation, plus 9 to 12 holidays (depending on the year). Then you have the 35 hours week, which, if your company goes on making you work 39 hours per week means extra vacation days as a compensation (at least 9 days ; in 2005, Labor day and VE days were a Sunday : bummer)
[ok, really, it depends on the sector union's achievments, on the size of the company, on the company, and on the branch of the company you're in... still following?]
Several companies give 2 weeks. So : 5x7+12+14=61. Take that, Italy!

Oh yeah, the French economy is going down the drain, but who cares? We're on vacation!!!! Yay!
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This is a common misconception: in reality the statutory minimun days off in Italy is 20 days plus 10 days bank holidays.

If a Bank Holiday falls on a Sunday the following day is NOT treated as a holiday, like for example in UK so in reality the 10 days bank holidays may not be holidays at all.
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You should also consider Finland.

In Finland, you'll get 2.5 vacation days for every month you have been working (ie. have worked 14 days in that month). So you'll get 30 days of vacation annually.
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