The Seven Smelliest Creatures in the World

Some animals use a bad smell for defense; others find it attractive in each other. Environmental Graffiti has seven of the most vile. Believe it or not, the skunk came in at only #3!
There are 11 species of skunk, two in Asia and nine in the Americas. All of them have the ability to spray a foul smelling chemical when threatened. The famous skunk spray is a mix of sulphuric chemicals, and skunks can spray accurately up to 15 feet. The stench is so powerful the skunk almost every animal leaves it alone, the sole exception being the Great Horned Owl which has almost no sense of smell.

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(image credit: Qmnonic)

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Ohhh that Tasmanian devil is cute. I've never seen a pet skunk but I've heard that they make good ones. I remember watching a mama skunk and her little trail of babies once. They were adorable. Of course I've never been sprayed or smelled skunk close up, so I haven't developed that much dislike for them. From far away skunk doesn't smell so bad to me. It reminds me of burnt pie crust. LOL
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My friend has a skunk (descented). He's absolutely adorable. My dad had one too.
And to be the nerd here, they do serve an important niche by eating nasty insects no one likes (helping farmers use less pesticides).
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I hate, Hate, HATE skunks. I wish every Godforsaken one of them would drop dead. They serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever in the grand scheme of things other than to make people miserable. My dog has been sprayed twice by these filthy animals after they somehow got into our yard.
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"The Seven Smelliest Creatures in the World"

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