Time Expired: The Parking Meter Tombstone

Barbara Sue Manire, who died in 2005, had a great sense of humor. Her tombstone has a parking meter with time expired (of course). Snopes has the scoop:


The above-displayed [picture does] show the Okemah, Oklahoma, gravesite of one Barbara Sue Manire, who passed away on her 64th birthday in 2005 and is now interred at Highland Cemetery beneath a whimsical symbol of time expired: a parking meter with a "64 year time limit." (Her headstone also bears the legend "OUR MOM ... HER HUMOR LIVES ON.")

As Barbara Sue's daughter, Sherri Ann Weeks, explained, the unusual decorative feature at the gravesite was indeed her mother's idea:

Mom always said she wanted a parking meter with 'time expired.' And she watned to be on the front row of the cemetery so she could see what was going on. We gave her what she wanted.


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It's cool when people die on their birthdays. I mean, you have to go sometime... so why not make it nice and neat? Then your family only has to mourn/celebrate on one day.
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Ha! My family has a great sense of humor as well. My father died Sept 29th, 2005 and while we were picking out his clothes for the funeral we also had to choose the "under garments." So we did, Halloween boxer shorts. We proceeded to tell everyone at the funeral to put a smile on their face.

But this...classic.
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