British Cuisine Becoming Extinct

Traditional British cuisine is becoming increasingly rare in British households:

The survey by Tesco found that only five per cent of 18-40-year-olds had cooked a spotted dick, compared to 14 per cent of 41-55-year-olds.Simlarly, six per cent of the younger group had made a Beef Wellington compared to 15 per cent of the over-40s.

Tesco claims that the five above dishes - as well as coronation chicken, sherry trifle and Lancashire hot pot - are prepared so infrequently that they could disappear completely by 2021.

Foreign dishes, however, are thriving. For instance, 71 per cent and 62 per cent of under-40s had made spaghetti bolognese or curry, respectively.

Picture via Flickr user tednmiki.

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English food isn't about flashy presentation and exotic tastes, it's just good simple food, like fruit crumbles or rabbit stew (my favourites). I can see why you'd call it bland, as it doesn't really include many flavours, but pretty much most American cuisine stemmed from England (an "American" apple pie? Are you joking?), so it's only yourselves you're insulting.
And I have to agree with Brodel about the awful imitation "British" food. I went to a so called "authetic British pub" when I was in Washington DC and the food there was absolutely terrible. And don't get me started on the shortbread biscuits you have over there...
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British food is absolutely lovely when done right. It is real comfort food and cheers you up no end.

Bubble and squeak,
Black Pudding
Spotted Dick
Beef Wellington
Fish and Chips
Mushy peas
The good ol Sunday roast

all delicious.
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Seems like a lot of people dont like english food but i personally think its delicious. cornish pastys are the bomb and so is most "pub grub" in my opinion. its hearty food that keeps you happy and content on a cold, dreary english day. ;)
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The problem is that cooking real British cuisine is actually quite difficult. Real British cuisine does not rely on strong spices or rich sauces. It relies on basic foods cooked perfectly with delicate flavors. Most British dishes do not translate well to restaurants, and so are pretty unknown outside homes with good cooks. Many of the dishes are also highly regional, so many people are just not familiar with them.

Spotter Dick is a wonderful baked pudding with raisins served with custard. Trifle is a really good dessert made from layers of lady fingers soaked in brandy, jello, and custard. Beef Wellington is filet mignon cooked in puff pastry with liver pate and mushrooms.

British food can only be good with fresh ingredients and a good cook. It just doesn't work if the ingredients aren't there or if the cook does not know what they are doing. You just can't make it from a can or a packet.
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Yeah but what's the big deal? Some of them dishes are so tasteless and boring, if you tried to make them tastier with other ingredients they wouldn't be British any more! So what does that tell you about British cuisine?
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