A One-Way, One-Person Mission to Mars

Universe Today looks at the possibility of humans traveling to Mars. One of the major roadblocks to such a mission is arranging for a return flight. A one-way mission would eliminate a lot of research and expense, but is it ethical?
Even though explorers in the past traveled, for example, to the south or north pole, knowing they might never return, and thousands of immigrants moved to the US in the 18- and 1900's, knowing they would never see their homeland again, the human psyche has seemingly changed enough that a one-way ticket off the planet is not acceptable. According to psychologist Molly Dooley from Springfield, IL, it might take a major crisis on Earth for humans to seriously consider such a mission. “Usually it’s the disenfranchised that are willing to take those kinds of risks," she said. “When our present situation no longer works for us, we become more willing to take risks. The difference between the folks who are interested and those who aren’t is their attachment to their current situation."

The article raises some interesting questions, and the commenters add more insight. Link -via Metafilter

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What the hell does a psychologist from Springfield Illinois know anyways? Has she seen all the homeless and displaced people around the US? What about all the Cultists who all want to get off this planet, such as the Christians? Why can't we send a whole pack of dumb Christians who all believe in this god being and send them packing with a whole load of Muslims and Latter Day Saint morons so they can argue as to who owns space?
In fact, if we sent all the religious freaks off this planet, the more peaceful this planet will be.
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"A One-Way, One-Person Mission to Mars"

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