How To Stop a 500-Foot Monster

Movie monsters are getting bigger and tougher over time, and it may take new technologies to defeat them. Danger Room takes a look at the new and improved monsters, and the weapons the military should use to defend humanity.
It's difficult to make accurate assumptions about 500 foot-tall fictional monsters whose very existence violates the laws of physics. But it's liable to have skin, scales or other outer with protective blubber or equivalent covering several feet thick. This will absorb anything except apart from an armor-piercing round. Flesh, like water, can stop virtually any projectile within a few feet – that's why you need something very exotic like a supercavitating round if you want to go through a lot of it. Those supercavitating Russian APS underwater assault rifles might be handy here... but you'd need a lot of rounds to have any effect. to part one, to part two. -via Metafilter

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"How To Stop a 500-Foot Monster"

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